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We knew you would be back ! Rosythians always do. We just can't keep away from our beloved old school can we ?


The boys and girls of Rosyth School will march in thousands strong ...


We know too much of a good thing can be bad but not always.  Rosyth is the exception. We know you want your kids to experience the best in life just like you did. Well, you are right.


Old traditions and new beginnings are what we offer.

P1 Enrolment Updates

With effect from 2018 - 


Please make sure you have a copy of the Membership confirmation note and Rosyth School report book or PSLE Certificate when you attend to the registration.

Any other required documents, do refer to the MOE’s website.



How to obtain a copy of Membership confirmation note :-

Download our Step by Step guide on how to print your updated membership approval confirmation sheet.

Please contact us via our contact page  if you have any of the details that need amendment / update or queries. Ensure proper supporting documents are provided to facilitate the amendment.

Opportunity to Serve !!!


Dear RSAA Members,

In celebration of Children’s day. Rosyth School will be holding their Curriculum Experience on 3 October 2019, Thursday. 

The event will provide opportunities for Rosythians to be immersed in a day of exciting and innovative activities which will promote critical and creative thinking. 

Parents of P1 to P6 students will be invited to join Rosyth School for this occasion.

This year RSAA will be sponsoring a stall with carnival games & claw machines!  We need 20 volunteers to represent RSAA to help manage the event.

Event :  Curriculum Experience
When : 3rd October 2019 (Thursday)

Time :
1st shift : 7.15am – 10.30am
2nd Shift : 10am – 1.30pm 

Only approved Rosyth School alumni members may apply. 

If the response is too overwhelming, RSAA Exco will have to conduct a balloting to confirm the names of the volunteers. 


We will revert by 20th September to liaise the selected volunteers and to discuss on the detailing.


Please email your availability to contactus@rosythalumni.org.


Those whom had already responded through survey monkey may not need to respond.

Annual General Meeting 2019

Dear Alumni Members,

We would like to invite you to join us in our Annual General Meeting scheduled on 9th November 2019 (Saturday), 12pm - 2.00pm.

Registration starts at 12noon. Light refreshment will be provided.

Meeting to commence at 12.30pm once quorum is met.

We will send out RSVP invitation via survey monkey portal nearer to the date.

Thank you

For a copy of the 2018 AGM Meeting Minutes, please click here.

For a copy of the 2017 AGM Meeting Minutes, please click here.

For a copy of the 2016 AGM Meeting Minutes, please click here.

For a copy of the 2015 AGM Meeting Minutes, please click here.


Other Notices


Do continue to check out our website for updates. For any clarification required, kindly send your feedback here

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