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Welcome to  Rosyth School Alumni Association! 

Rosyth School Alumni Association


We knew you would be back ! Rosythians always do. We just can't keep away from our beloved old school can we ?


The boys and girls of Rosyth School will march in thousands strong ... 


We know too much of a good thing can be bad but not always.  Rosyth is the exception. We know you want your kids to experience the best in life just like you did. Well, you are right.


Old traditions and new beginnings are what we offer.

RSAA Annual General Meeting 2020

RSAA Annual General Meeting 2020

Rosyth School Alumni Association’s Annual General Meeting 2020 was held on 7th Nov 2020 at 3.30pm via

Airmeet (1st ever Virtual meeting)


Thank you very much for joining us in the AGM 2020!


Stay Connected

If you have recently moved, or have not received any correspondence from us recently, please take a moment to update your latest email address and residential address at contactus@rosythalumni.org 

Continue to check out website for new updates!

Notice of Increase of Ordinary Membership Fee

1st Oct 2020 –  To the old boys and girls of Rosyth School,

The Rosyth School Alumni Association would like to announce that our Ordinary Lifetime Membership will be increased by $50/- from $350 to $400 with effect from 4th Jan 2021.


To ensure that you still want to be eligible for alumni membership at the current fee of $350, please submit your application form and payment due before or on 4th January 2021.


Forms and payment received after 4th Jan 2021 will be subjected to the new membership fee of $400/-

P1 Enrolment Updates

Changes to Mode of Registration for Phases 2A(1)

Instead of in-person registration for Phases 2A(1), eligible parents will be required to complete an online application form to register their child, using their SingPass.

The link to the online form and user guide will be available on the MOE P1 Registration website during the registration periods of the respective phases.

Please check out MOE website for further updates.

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Other Notices


Do continue to check out our website for updates. For any clarification required, kindly send your feedback here

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