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About Us

About Us

Rosyth School Alumni Association

The Rosyth School Alumni Association (RSAA) was established and registered formally as a society in June 1998 as the alumni association for Rosyth School.


Rosyth School Alumni Assoication (RSSA) is not part of Rosyth School and independant organization registered under the Societies Act (Singapore).


Mission and Objectives


  1. To forge school ties and community involvement between Rosyth School "the school“ and its former pupils;

  2. To provide members the opportunity to assist in current and future pupil development;

  3. To encourage volunteerism amongst members; and

  4. For members, as fraternity, to offer, provide and contribute expertise and resources.

Rosyth School Alumni Association
2019 / 2020 Management Committee

President: Ms Leaw Wan Bee Janet
Vice President 1: Ms Foo Kai Lin
Vice President 2: Dr Tan Sok Chuen
Secretary: Ms Yap TianYin Tracy
Assistant Secretary: Ms Tan Huamin Eunice
Treasurer: Mr Hu Jin Jie
Assistant Treasurer: Ms Li Qiu Yang, Apple
Liaison Officer: Mr Shen Yicheng, Alson
Liaison Officer: Ms Leaw Wan Lay Wendy
Internal Auditor: Ms Kong Xin Yi Michelle
Internal Auditor: Mr Hardeep Singh
Legal Advisor: Mr Mohan Das s/o Vijayaratnam
IT Consultant: Mr Anurax Lian Wei Jie 
Committee Members
Dr Allagarsamy Karpagavalli
Ms Ong Wee Kuan Adeline
Mr Lim Sze Thong Gary
Ms Long Shing Yuan June
Mr Ong Hai Tien 
Dr Fong Chern Ying, Chrystal

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